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The Blue Beetle Ending and Mid Credits Scene: Teasing Out the Details!


Blue Beetle: A Small-Scale Standalone Story Inside The Rebooted DC Movieverse


Blue Beetle is the primary film in DC’s just lately rebooted movieverse, however it actually pays no consideration to universe constructing. As a substitute, it incorporates a small-scale standalone story centering on a 22-year-old named Jaime Reyes. On this movie, Jaime factors out the superpowers of an alien relic, referred to as the Beetle, whereas the highest of a megacorporation, named Aunt Victoria, wants that energy to create a military of armored super-soldiers.

In contrast to different DC and MCU motion pictures, Blue Beetle would not rely closely on references to different superheroes nor does it closely work together with universe constructing. It does, nevertheless, provide some clues as to what might come eventually, together with planning for a attainable sequel. Though DC’s new movieverse may be small at current, it’s anticipated to broaden sooner or later. Let’s delve into the Blue Beetle events and discover out its implications.

Jaime Reyes and the legacy of Blue Beetle

In Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes turns into the brand new Blue Beetle by bonding with the Scarab relic. Nevertheless, he isn’t the primary to wield this energy. Way back, Ted Kord, a billionaire industrialist and the previous Blue Beetle, owned the Scarab, however each Ted and the relic mysteriously disappeared lengthy earlier than the occasions of the movie.

Following Ted’s disappearance, his evil aunt Victoria takes management of the corporate and turns into carefully concerned in weapons manufacturing. She goals to amass the Scarab to take advantage of its power in creating powered armor. Ultimately, she stumbles upon the Scarab inside an enormous orb in an undisclosed location. The rationale behind the beetle’s containment inside the orb stays a thriller, with no clarification supplied by the film. Apparently, the deleted scenes may reveal extra insights into Ted Kord’s connection to Scarab.

Ted’s daughter Jenny disagrees with Victoria’s path to the corporate. She decides to steal the Scarab from the company headquarters. With Jaime’s assist, Jenny effectively obtains the relic, which is called Kahji Da. The Beetle acknowledges Jaime because the rightful provider of it and merges with him, remodeling him into the brand new Blue Beetle.

From this stage on, Victoria relentlessly tries to get the Beetle again. She manages to pay money for Jaime and makes use of a machine to repeat Scarab’s code, transferring it to her armor. She then passes the upgraded armor on to Carapax, her predominant enforcer. The film culminates in a superpowered battle between Blue Beetle and Carapax. Shockingly, Blue Beetle chooses to not take Carapax’s life and, in a twist of events, Carapax sacrifices himself by turning on Victoria, avenging the years of abuse he endured at his path. He units off explosives, killing himself and Victoria.

After the acute battle, Jenny vows to assist Jaime’s household rebuild their house, which was destroyed throughout the battle. She additionally plans to research her father’s earlier mansion, hoping to uncover some helpful info. As for Jaime, he faces an unsure future as a Blue Beetle, however is grateful for the help of his household.

Blue Beetle Mid Credit score Scene: A Look At The Return Of Ted Kord

Halfway by the film, Jenny takes Jaime and Uncle Rudy to her household’s abandoned mansion, the place they discover Ted Kord’s previous Blue Beetle base and borrow his all-terrain Beetle Walker. This sequence serves to introduce Ted Kord as the previous Blue Beetle with out revealing a lot about his destiny or the explanations behind his disappearance.

Now, let’s dive into the mid-credits scene, which gives a short however intriguing glimpse into Ted Kord’s existence. The scene takes us again to the lair, the place we hear Ted’s voice emanating from the primary laptop. He explains that Jenny and the others have reactivated the pc methods, permitting him to get out. Nevertheless, there isn’t any present one to answer his message.

It is crucial to say that the film would not immediately resemble any explicit story involving Jaime or Ted from the comics. Consequently, speculating on the main points of Ted’s setting or his whereabouts might be tough. Nonetheless, it is clear that Ted Kord is alive and can little doubt play a significant position in future sequels. Within the comics, Ted serves as a mentor to Jaime, turning into largely the sort of Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, or Reed Richards character that superhero tales typically use. Subsequently, Ted Kord will assume the identical position within the new DC movieverse.

Blue Beetle Put up Credit score Scene – A Foolish Easter Egg

Following the customized set of the Marvel motion pictures, Blue Beetle additionally incorporates a post-credits scene. Nevertheless, as a substitute of furthering the plot, this scene serves as a humorous Easter egg. It reveals a claymation mannequin of a scene from El Chapulín Colorado, a preferred reside motion superhero parody tv present from the Nineteen Seventies in Mexico. The movie itself amusingly references El Chapulín Colorado in a number of cases.


Blue Beetle marks the start of the reboot of the DC movieverse, introducing audiences to Jaime Reyes, the brand new Blue Beetle. Fairly than specializing in deep universe constructing, the movie tells the standalone story of a youthful hero caught up in an affect wrestle with an evil firm run by his internal family. Whereas the movie pays homage to Ted Kord’s legacy because the earlier Blue Beetle, it leaves ample room for future character exploration of him.

The mid-credits scene hints on the return of Ted Kord and his potential place as Jaime’s mentor. Moreover, the post-credits scene gives a joyous second for followers with its claymation homage to El Chapulín Colorado. Total, Blue Beetle units the stage for additional developments inside the DC Cinematic Universe, exhibiting the potential to enhance his universe and introduce new layers of storytelling.

frequent questions

1. Is Blue Beetle linked to totally different DC motion pictures?

Blue Beetle is primarily a standalone story, specializing within the character of Jaime Reyes and his journey as the brand new Blue Beetle. Whereas it does embody sparse references to totally different superheroes, it would not tie in carefully with totally different DC motion pictures or work together in depth with universe constructing.

2. Will there be a sequel to Blue Beetle?

Blue Beetle concludes with a mid-credits scene that hints at a attainable sequel, as a result of it introduces Ted Kord and his involvement within the Jaime Reyes story. Whereas no official announcement has been made, the scene implies that Ted Kord may play an enormous position in future Blue Beetle motion pictures.

3. What’s the that means of the post-credits scene?

The post-credits scene in Blue Beetle would not contribute to the general plot, nevertheless it does function fairly the comedian Easter egg. It incorporates a plasticine recreation of a scene from the enduring Mexican tv present El Chapulín Colorado, which is referenced all through the movie.

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