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The Rise of ChatGPT: Disrupting the Role of IT Network Engineers


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In in the present day’s sophisticated IT networks, group engineers play an important position in designing, implementing, and managing the assorted components that make up the group infrastructure. These events embody firewalls, routers, switches, servers, workstations, and different gadgets. With the rise of hybrid on-premises and cloud environments, group engineers are confronted with the problem of defending the group in opposition to mounted threats from risk actors.

As a group engineer turned startup founder, I used to be curious concerning the potential for AI, notably ChatGPT, to assist and even change group engineers. To search out this out, I turned to ChatGPT to assemble info on how one can add worth to group engineers. After intensive analysis, I discovered that ChatGPT acknowledges three areas the place it may be helpful: occasion transformation, configuration administration, troubleshooting, and documentation.

used transformation

Occasion transformation refers to the best way to analyze and remodel uncooked group occasion info into actionable info. ChatGPT has the potential to assist group engineers on this house by providing helpful options and proposals based mostly totally on the data it analyzes. By leveraging ChatGPT’s AI capabilities, group engineers can enhance their occasion transformation processes and optimize group effectivity.

configuration administration

Configuration administration contains the creation and upkeep of group system configurations to make sure the right functioning of the group infrastructure. ChatGPT showcased its abilities on this house by producing occasion configurations for Cisco routers and creating Jinja templates for quite a few distributors. Whereas ChatGPT carried out properly in producing major configurations, you will need to notice that generated configurations must be completely reviewed for accuracy.


Troubleshooting group factors is an important exercise for group engineers. I explored ChatGPT’s troubleshooting capabilities by posting real-world questions on the /r/networking subreddit, a platform the place group engineers search suggestions and suggestions. ChatGPT demonstrated their understanding of networking concepts, together with Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). Whereas it carried out properly on simpler troubleshooting duties, it struggled with extra sophisticated challenges. Nonetheless, as AI continues to advance, it’s doable that ChatGPT will reduce its reliance on on-line dashboards and assets for troubleshooting.

Documentation automation

Automating group documentation is a helpful time-saving effort for group engineers. Sadly ChatGPT fails shortly on this house. Whereas it claimed to have the flexibility to generate community diagrams, it turned obvious that its text-based nature limits its graphical capabilities. Asking it to offer an outline of the community based mostly on a router configuration file made for a very good abstract, nevertheless it certainly additionally had limitations. It’s value exploring totally different functions of AI with graphical capabilities to automate group documentation.


After evaluating the potential of ChatGPT in group engineering, it is clear that it has its strengths and limitations. Whereas it reveals promise in occasion transformation, configuration administration, and main troubleshooting duties, it shortly fails in automating documentation. The accuracy and consistency of your outcomes have to be verified and are at the moment no substitute for the experience of skilled group engineers.

Nonetheless, as AI know-how continues to advance, you will need to acknowledge the worth of ChatGPT as a software that may improve particular group engineering duties when used efficiently. ChatGPT must be seen as a complement to the human expertise fairly than a whole alternative. Group engineers can make the most of the capabilities of ChatGPT to enhance their effectiveness and purchase helpful info in sure areas of their work.

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQs)

No, ChatGPT can’t fully exchange group engineers. Whereas it has potential in sure areas, corresponding to occasion transformation, configuration administration, and fundamental troubleshooting, it lacks the expertise and information of engineers within the human group. Nonetheless, it may be a helpful gadget to assist group engineers of their work and enhance their effectiveness.

ChatGPT can generate major group settings, however it’s definitely important to check their accuracy. Group engineers have to be skilled to note and ensure the configurations align with their specific wants and greatest practices.

Whereas ChatGPT demonstrates an understanding of networking ideas and may deal with easier troubleshooting duties, it at the moment struggles with advanced group points. Nonetheless, certified group engineers are required to resolve advanced issues. Nonetheless, as AI know-how advances, ChatGPT’s troubleshooting capabilities might enhance.

ChatGPT’s skills to automate group documentation are restricted. It lacks graphical capabilities and may solely current text-based summaries or descriptions. Community engineers may have to find different AI functions that present graphical capabilities for extra environmentally pleasant automation of community documentation.

A few of the limitations of ChatGPT in group engineering embody the necessity for human supervision to make sure accuracy and consistency, difficulties in dealing with cases and edge exceptions, and integration challenges with present strategies and processes. These limitations are usually not distinctive to ChatGPT, however are usually widespread in AI functions.

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